Description: The Tennessee Fake ID is made with Teslin material, it is very flexible compared to PVC IDs. They have a 1D and 2D barcode on the back. There may be a REAL ID star or a “Not for Federal ID” message, both are correct.

Printing Material: We make the Tennessee fake id is made with the same material the DMV uses to issue its licenses. We use Teslin with a PET laminate and the OVI Embedded.

Term: The Tennessee ID has a expiration date of 8 years from the issue date. If you get your ID renewed then it’s 5 years. So either 8 years of 5 years will work and be valid.

Security Features

  • Has the correct 3 color OVI on the front in the shape of State Seal, Music Notes, State Outline.


  • Will pass blacklight test, UV ink incorporated in the OVI.


  • Encoded barcode ensure that it will pass scanners.


  • The header on the top of the ID has landmark illustrations.


  • The state seal and the logos of music are in an overlay




1 Person $85/each
2+ Persons $65/each
4+ Persons $50/each


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