Description: The Illinois fake id is a durable flexible card with !D and 2D Barcodes on the back. The ID expires on your birthday after 4-5 years after the issue date.

Printing Material: The Illinois fake id is printed on a premium Teslin material and bonded together with PET Lamination for superior results.

Term: Expiration is 5 years from the original issue date.

Security Features

  • Real ID Star added on the top right corner of the ID card.


  • Guilloche and Micro printing throughout the license


  • The drivers license number is encoded with the first letter of the last name and 11 random digits after.


  • Has 3 color OVD Hologram on the front of the ID that shifts at different angles in the shape of the Chicago skyline and the words “ILLINOIS” and “LAND OF LINCOLN”.


  • UV on the front of the ID in the shape of a top hat on the head of Lincoln as well as a guilloche pattern. The Ghost image is printed in UV ink on the back with the persons date of birth.


  • It has laser perforations in the shape of the state above the ghost picture.




1 Person $85/each
2+ Persons $65/each
4+ Persons $50/each


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